Not feeling the love

I’m thinking it’s time for some physical merchandise to be sent out from the Zwift ppl.
Would be nice to get some kinda reward other then a in game pair of socks. My feet are cold I want some real socks! We promote Zwift as a community? When we signup for a local race I usually get some sort of publicity item for the organization? This Watopia Tour should have one getting some gear if one finishes, I pay monthly and for the full year.

Zwift is great, I love being in shape but my feet are cold!

I’d prefer to keep my subscription cost low rather than receive a pair of socks that i don’t need.


Treat your self to one of these.

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trying to complete checkout to see shipping costs. just goes round in circles.

Good to see prices are a bit more reasonable compared to the cycling kit though.


I had to complete a recent transaction signing in as a guest, attempting to sign in with my account did the same endless loop back to the store front. (Which reminds me to get a support ticket in about this!)

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I’m not expecting it to be free, but more Zwift merch would be cool. More subtle designs than a screaming orange t-shirt with a big Z on it… maybe the “Titans Grove Watopia Preserve” sign or “Radio KQOM” logo on a shirt - I’d buy something like that.


These responses are not even close to what I posted🙄

You posted about Zwift merch, and that’s what the responses are about. Just that you asked for something free, and one response did address that.


I guess what I’m saying is my local / provincial events I attended one is given a token be it a shirt or water bottle to prove you attend and promoted a event. I’m asking if some ppl here would say it could be something Zwift did once you complete a larger event like The Watopia Tour.
A Gift card of discount code to the shop?

But yes don’t want an increase in the monthly.

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Zwift has done that in the past with the Tour de Zwift and the partner Le Col:

It must not have been very successful as they didn’t offer this in 2022.


Effectively, the monthly fee you are paying is for the service Zwift is providing. If you want something extra on top of that you would need to pay for it, by purchasing a t-shirt (or whatever) from the Zwift shop (if offered). Zwift is not just going to give it to you for free. And, really, the events that are ‘giving’ you these items are also not giving them to you for free; the cost is just figured into the amount you pay to enter. And I, for one, would not be excited about Zwift upping their fee just so that I could have a t-shirt or socks that I do not need. I have already boycotted numerous local events that include an event jersey as part of the entry fee because this adds a significant amount to the price, and I know that I’ll never wear the jersey.


In some respects it’s a shame Zwift got large. In the olden days (2015/16 or so) they used to regularly give away branded water bottles and stickers.

I don’t recall the last time I saw a Zwift giveaway. I guess they don’t need to promote themselves the same way any more.

My local events give you one or two tokens which can be exchanged for a beer.

Zwift, give me beer :stuck_out_tongue:!

Also worth mentioning that some of these events that “give” you a jersey/socks/schwag also have an option to pay a discounted fee and not receive that item.

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That would be nice, the events here are super expensive because they give you food and stuff. I would like to just pay to ride.


An option would be to have riders pay to do the events then use that money to send them socks and water bottles.

Those that does not want the goodies can ride for free.

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It’s a decent idea, but Zwift has had to close the shop down to certain countries already, this would just lead to many disappointed customers who can’t participate I’m afraid.

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That is true.

Then a beter option is keep rides for free and have a shop where people can by socks. :sunglasses:


I would buy a Zwift beer glass.
I’m gonna check the Zwift shop.
A local event gave that to the co hosts and volunteers.
I liked it a lot but thought it was strange considering I was the medical adviser and the event was to get grade school girls to run.

When we buy anything in game we should get the real life item sent to us aswell for free. What do you think?


The cycling kit was super expensive. I reckon if they offered stuff at a reasonable price they could definitely make more money from it

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