Zwift Shop Holiday Sale 2021

Hey Zwifters - the holiday sale is on now at the Zwift Shop! Smart trainers and accessories are in stock at and our best deals of the year are happening now for Zwifters in the US, UK, and EU.

Promotion end dates vary depending on the region you’re in. Some promotions end on Black Friday (November 26), others are good through December 1. Head over to and don’t miss out.

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Hi Mr Shuji…
When you speak about a Holiday Sale… you mean that the Zwift Shop is still open and still work?

No ? Really?

You are almost out of stock for 90% of your shop…

you send some very nice newsletter about the Shop…with almost nothing available!

Please stop kidding about that… It’s not serious…

Sign: a cyclist really in love with Zwift but so disappointed with the shop

The ‘Checkout’ button doesn’t work!!