Membership discounts

(Chris Hobby) #1

Obviously nothing in life is free and great things like zwift don’t come cheap but there must be ways to entice and retain people.

You could have your usual one lump annual payment to get discount or family discounts.

What about club membership discount i.e. British Cycling Club.

What about emergency services discount? Lots of companies already do this and I’m sure, like myself, lots of emergency service personnel use zwift to keep fit.

(Daren) #2

I’d be keen for some sort of discount too, especially as my grandfathered rate is about to end. I’ve already cancelled my Strava Premium to cut costs.

(E. W. 937) #3

There are almost no incentives in society promoting parents staying at home with children, or homemakers as was once the term. And there is no salary for it unless the children are strangers, nor is there any tax incentive, or any other kind. Who needs to keep in shape more than the parents of young children? Sure, okay, firefighters, emts, police, soldiers and security personnel. But at least those are saleried positions.

Family discounts and homemaker discounts would cover most 1st responders in addition to directly supporting those raising the next generation of humanity.

I’ d prefer to find a broad socially supportive category for discount that would neatly include ‘service’ personell rather than just a narrow discount for certain professions. Physical fitness is a human need, maybe now more than ever. And I think Zwift is a great leap forward for modern fitness training.

(Kris Mays (C) DIRT) #4

I agree. I honestly don’t understand why there isn’t a family discounted membership. I’ve been on since beta and would love to add my wife. I also have 5 kids that would love to start, but paying for 7 memberships isn’t happening…If there was a discounted option it’d be that many more riding!

(Kenny Roman) #5

Perhaps something like a loyalty discount? The longer you stay with Zwift, the greater the discount over time?

(Steve Ricketts (C69)) #6

No response from Zwift yet??

(Chris Hobby) #7

I did email them initially to find out if there were any type of discounts. There wasn’t but they are looking into discount types (apparently) and they suggested creating this post to see how much interest there would be in various discounts.

(Darroll Love) #8

I have been a member for two years. I cancelled after the price increase. Hard to justify when I mostly ride outside (sometimes going months not riding). An increasing discount for longtime subscribers would bring me back.

(Yuval) #9

Could be great if they will make a student discount