Course Schedule - Standard Calendar Format

Could we please have the Course Schedule Calendar show Sunday as the first day of the week?

Not sure what you define as ‘standard’. Monday is for me ‘standard’ first day of the week… So I’m fine with the current setting.

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This is what I mean:

The Zwift Course Schedule calendar is the only one I can recall ever seeing with Sunday as the right most column. I keep getting the courses wrong because I’m used to seeing Sunday on the far left and expect Wednesday to be in the middle.

This made me curious… Little bit of Wiki did help:

In short and if Wiki is correct, Monday is the standard first day of the week. But there are country’s, like the U.S., who use a different system and having Sunday as the first day of the week. So I think both are right presuming you are living in such a country. Therefore it is not strange that you are used to seeing Sunday to the left, as I am used to see Monday to the left.

Looks like Zwift took the ISO standard. Maybe an extra option for Zwift to synchronise with your pc calender (presuming your pc calender shows the, for you, right order)? So everybody gets his ‘standard’ notation?

What I really want is a calendar that I can subscribe to in my Calendar software so it’s always visible on my computer/devices without having to go looking. That way it won’t matter what the calendar format looks like on the website, since it will look the way you want it to on your own calendar application.


Interesting that Zwift, which I believe is based in Los Angeles, chose a European standard (or at least a European convention) for their calendar. I tried searching for using various engines set to various regions, and the most informative results were found by searching simply for “2018”, which produced lots of images of cars, and scattered calendars in many languages. A mix of Sunday first and Monday first. I understand that some countries put Saturday first.

For amusement purposes: List of calendars

I also discovered that this subject has been discussed elsewhere and seems to quickly devolve into a religious argument. So I think I’ll just leave it there.

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I think you’re right (and didn’t knew that there were this many calendars). There are several options and I think Zwift ‘just’ took one. Although I think that there a some solutions te make most people happy, but that’s up to Zwift…

Comes down to your religious views in part doesn’t it?

Some Christians, for example regard the sabbath as Saturday. That would make Sunday the first day of the week. Others see Sunday as the day of rest. i.e. that’s the seventh day and Monday’s the start of the week. I think Western Christianity mostly sees it as Sunday these days.

But YMMV - I don’t even believe in God. =)