Default title dates are wrong

(Mark Hewitt) #1

Default names for rides are like the following


Zwift - 01/12/2016

For a ride done on 12th of January. It says that it was done on 1st December 2016. What happened to summer it’s December already :slight_smile:

I realise different parts of the world use different date formats but for the majority of the world this format is just plain incorrect. 

My feature request is to use something unambiguous  




(Chris Fogg) #2

Agree, it is simple matter of generating date string using system time format.


(Stuart Davis) #3

I never understood why Americans use MMDDYYYY.

DDMMYYYY is logical, start with the smallest division and increase to the largest division.

ISO standard is coincidentally the reverse, YYYYMMDD.

Whatever, it should be user selectable or adhere to the user’s OS locale settings.