Course Achievement

Was very interested to read that in the new update you get a list of courses to complete and they get ticked off as you complete them.

I’ve just completed Muir and the Mountain but it never tells you or celebrates in anyway when you have completed the route, you just go again. To add to that when you end your ride there is nowhere that states you ha e completed it. I guess when I log back in that route will be marked as completed.

A bit disappointed with the delivery of the function but I’m hoping it’s the start of things to come. Can anyone at Zwift give any feedback on where this is heading?

Worked my ass off too and got a 1m and 5m PB :blush:

If you do a course that is included in the badges section, you will get notified when you complete it. As soon as I completed the Everything Bagel yesterday, I got a pop up. It doesn’t look like Muir and the Mountain is one of them which is why you didn’t get anything. Go into the menu and then go to badges to see which courses are included.

Thanks Kevin much appreciated :+1:t3: