Costume workouts not visible

One of my riders who has been training with me for several weeks can no longer see her new costume training session I have emailed her. I send them via email, she downloads them on her laptop and then saves to documents/zwift/workouts and saves them in her own id folder. When she checks on her lap top they are there but she uses another PC to run Zwift and the last 2 weeks these have not been visible, but they are for others in my training classes. Can anyone suggest what else we could try. I have suggest renaming them but that did not work. She has a good wifi connection and is training and syncing her data back to Training peaks and Strava ok. Is there some other way of syncing her account on the other PC so she can see the costume workout she sees on her laptop? Thanks

This may be a dumb question but why don’t she copy the workouts directly to the PC and skip the laptop step?

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Its outside in a cold shed

Its just strange that the first 10 weeks worked fine but the last 2 weeks have not been visible.

Well after lots of faffing around she managed to get the workout this week up loaded in time for tonight’s session, but no logical reason why it did not happen last week or while she could not see the costume workout uploaded and save yesterday today. If anyone has any thoughts on what the bug might be or ways to prevent this from reoccurring please share :slight_smile: thanks

I’m not sure if this helps but I use this feature quite a bit. The process I follow is as follows:

  1. download workout and move to the right folder. I created sub folders under my Id so the workouts are easily organized. I also make sure the file name is clear and matches the tag that is in the .zwo file. It’s simple xml file.

  2. open on my pc and go to the workout folder and make sure it’s there .
    2.1 go into zwift and confirm it’s all ok.

  3. exit zwift on pc

  4. open my iOS which I use for riding and confirm it’s there

  5. exit .

The cloud sync works pretty well on pc I’ve watched the cloud sync when I move workouts around and move them to different folders. No issues. When zwift opens the file it ignores the file name it uses only the tag name . You may want to check that. It’s possible it overwrote an existing file. Maybe creating more sub folders to organize it better so it’s easier to see.

Hope that helps,

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