CoronaVirus Change Freeze or Slow and Fast Releases


Im guessing this conversation has happened already internally at Zwift , but felt I should put my 2c in as a customer.

Lots of people of Zwift Insiders not happy with the recent release , want new interface etc . I’m of the opposite view , to me the focus for at least the next month or so should be all about “keeping the lights on” , things stable, improving instrumentation / support
(i get that Ops and Dev are diff things / teams …)

But I get both views - so wondered if it would be possible to have 2 streams, kinda like the Slow and Fast Stream in Windows 10 beta . Or only deploy changes under the Innovation / Experimental thing u guys did with Steering / Mountain Bike.

Thanks to all at Zwift , you have become an “essential service” for me

ride on

Most software teams, mine included, have moved to increasing our application availability, scalability, and reliability rather than develop features that have the potential to break things. I’m sure Zwift is thinking along the same lines.

Correct, I just wanted to voice my desire of prioritising stability v new features.