Cool down wattage


Could someone explain why, in some of the workouts, the power requirement goes UP at the start of the cooldown. I find that I’m finishing a training block in the workout at a stipulated x watts ( with a corresponding HR and temperature ) and the 5 minute cooldown starts with a stipulated x +15 watts for example and ends back at x watts.

Perhaps I’m missing something? I like to finish the workout but it seems absolutely pointless to do 5 mins eased off and then increase the effort to supposedly “cool down.”



I’ve found that weird too but I have heard a certain percentage of your FTP is better for recovery that just tapering off to nothing. So this means you often flog yourself, let yourself recover and then you need to actually get the muscles working a bit more to get a good recovery for the following day.

apparently better with a slightly higher resistance to flush lactic acid out of the muscles, before bringing heart rate down.

Exactly what Steve K has said.

A total shut down of muscle activity after a hard workout is no longer considered the best way to assist recovery. This is why you see the pro’s outside their team bus on trainers after a race.

A good workout planner will have a small easy recovery section to help you catch your breath and stop the burning. The effort should then be picked up so you have some resistance and effort. This helps flush the legs as the effort slowly tapers down to very easy and the end of the session.