Constant Fraction of a Second Freezing of Zwift Feed

The Zwift feed has started freezing for a fraction of a second every 2 to 3 seconds making for a very annoying experience. The feed never permanently freezes but is annoying because of the constant jerking of the screen. I am wondering if other people are experiencing this problem and if so is it a Zwift problem or is there a problem with my equipment or connection. This problem just started yesterday April 2, 2020.

Is it when you’re scrolling down? It hitches when it’s loading the next set of results. I agree it’s annoying.

No. It is when I am actually riding the bike. The screen freezes every 2 seconds for just a fraction of a second making the feed look herky jerky. It is very annoying. Until just recently the screen and movement of all the riders on screen was smooth as silk but now it is a very rough jerky presentation.

Ah yes, I saw a video of that behaviour on YouTube. IIRC it was from Eric Schlange (ZwiftInsider). I can’t find it again now (thanks Facebook).

I’m seeing the same issue on iOS. I noticed it’s particularly obvious at the start of haute events… I was finishing up a haute event today and around the time all the riders started the next one , the stuttering began again. Pretty sure the servers are being crushed got the load … I have fiber so don’t usually notice video issues until this weekend.

Right. I was wondering if it was an overload issue. They need to fix it quickly. I won’t be putting up with the video stuttering for very long.

Yeah, this was clearly noticeable this morning even in an event with a dozen other riders or so. Sharding the worlds into a manageable number of riders (with shared leaderboards if even that; everybody enters a random shard unless picking the “ride with” option) might be a solution…

I’m so glad other people have noticed this glitch in the matrix.
I have recently upgraded the graphics card in my PC and I was just about to take it out and put the old one back in thinking it was faulty.

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Ditto. I experienced the same stuttering every 5 seconds for about an hour and a half (deciding to focus on a tour of Flanders repeat instead of Zwift) then I ended up losing connectivity all together! Couldn’t reconnect at all, even after unplugging the ANT+ and plugging back in a number of times. Did anyone else experience this?

I never would lose connectivity. Just the annoying stuttering. I rode zwift today and noticed you could choose to enter three different worlds. I chose Richmond which had the fewest riders and the stuttering was gone and everything was back to normal. Hopefully they have fixed the problem.

There was no stuttering this morning in the Velocity: Dig the Bike Fantastic group ride in Watopia.