Connection problem with Tracx Neo

Hi All
I use Zwift for more than 2 years with my Traxc neo trainier without any problems.
Yesterday when I`ve started the App it was not anymore possible to connect.
Also the connection options looks different than before …

It is not a bluetooth problem of the Tracx Trainier, because it`s possibel to connect to the Tracx App.

Does anyone know this problem?
Thank you in advance, Martin

Hi Martin,
Not quite sure if I have the solution. I also ride on a Tacx Neo, but I always connect it through ANT+ with an ANT+ dongle attached to my desktop pc. What could be the issue with your setup is that the Bluetooth connection is now used for the communication between your Tacx Neo and the Tacx app and blocking the access from Neo to Zwift. You may want to try and disconnect and / or disable Bluetooth on your device and then enabling it again. Then start Zwift and try to connect again to your Tacx Neo. If that doesn’t work, check if you have location services turned on on your mobile phone/device. Don’t know why, but it seems to be required, see also:

Good sources of information are and also GP Lama on Youtube. Hope you can ride on soon!


I’ve had similar issues with my NEO2T once in a blue moon. (read: infrequently) It’s usually fixed by force-closing all apps, restarting devices. Sometimes, it requires uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling.

The “I’ve tried everything and nothing works” options:

Now reverse everything - reinstall apps, paid ONLY from within the app - don’t use system-level bluetooth pairing.

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Thank you for your help… It works again!

Best regards, Martin