Connecting galaxy S9 to big screen

(Anthony Dee) #1

Hi All,

Few weeks in and I’m hooked…and have been relegated to the garage as a result. While I accumulate funds for gaming PC and a 4k screen the size of western Europe I need an interim solution… my galaxy s9 screens proving a tad small.

I’m thinking this meets my needs and budget

The garage is some distance from the house. I’ve trialled mirroring to a Chromecast on a rubbish 32inch and the wifi is not reliable (although the S9s wifi connection has proven reliable in the garage).

How can I mirror the S9 to the larger screen while maintaining the battery life of the S9?

I’m just starting out, so my sessions don’t yet exceed 70 min, so perhaps it’s a non issue for the moment, but I’d hate to be well into a session and have it drop out.

Seeking comments/suggestions on this as the best interim solution and what product will both mirror the S9 at 1440p while also charging it.

I’ve done the reading on mhl adapters and am officially confused.

Thanks and ride on,


(😺🐾) #2

The official Samsung USB-C to HDMI adapter works well. There’s one that’s just USB-C to HDMI, and one that’s has HDMI out as well as USB-C power input and USB 3.0 port.