Connected but 'No Signal' (via PC)

I am having connection my Microsoft PC with the Tacx. Says connected but NO SIGNAL. It works on my iPhone. Any suggestions? Thanks

Assuming you are connecting via BT.

On the pairing screen is the BT icon pulsing in the top left corner?

Yes it is pulsing… but nothing happens.


Have you paired it in Windows?

What revision of BT do you have?

Hi Stuart

Yes, as mentioned – it shows both PAIRED and CONNECTED - but keeps on saying NO SIGNAL.

Try unpairing it with Windows. Sounds odd but sometimes it helps.

Also make sure no other device is paired with it. Turn your Bluetooth off on your phone.

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Hi there

I have done what you suggested and the problem is still there. See screen shots below.

Second screen says “connection failure” in top left corner.

Thanks for the help.

Did you try to unpair everything, and pair it while pedaling. You should see power in the pairing screen.

I had that occasionally with my HR monitor (wahoo tickr) when I was using it with Bluetooth and Apple TV. Usually a reboot of the Apple TV fixed it. I’ve since switched to a pc and am using ant+ now.

Thanks guys!

Tried all your suggestions and it finally working.

Thanks so much.

Thanks Gerrie, will try it.