Connect your Proform TDF Bike to Zwift with TDF Data Bridge

I have two bikes - TDF centennial (PFEX01912.3) and TDF v4 (PFEX01914.0). Both have drop handles and have an android tablet based on 2.2 that looks like this. I’ve tried the zwifit program on a raspberry Pi Zero and a PC running Raspbian. It installs fine and startup is fine.

Looks like the bike you have - even though it is a v1 bike, is a lot newer than the ones I have. Though they have bluetooth, that is only used for heart rate monitor. Hence there is no “connect button” or code displayed in screen. I guess they are ANT+ bikes. In the android settings, I can see bluetooth, but can’t change or pair additional devices. I am getting a ANT+to BLE converter and will try to pair that.

Any other thoughts?

Looks like this only works on newer bikes that can use bluetooth to control the bike.

Tony. I have the PFEX09916 studio cycle. Got the app running on raspberry zero w from your fork, but can’t get the bluetooth to handshake with the bike. The instructions are a bit vague after executing " npm run enable.ble" command and turning on bike, I can’t seem to establish BT connection; the ifit iPad app can see and connect to the bike via Bluetooth so not sure how to check BT on the raspberry. Tia. Jon