Connect your Proform TDF Bike to Zwift with TDF Data Bridge

Hi Dan, I follow your update for TDF Data Bridge since 2020 and I hope you will can do some thinks for the TDF 1.0.

Hey Dan! I’m new to all of this. Does this work with the Pro-Form 505 SPX ?

Dan, I have TDFDB 4 full version working with Zwift but the incline it sets the bike to is approximately 30% of what Zwift is showing. Any way to adjust?

Hi Emma! Unfortunatelly this model is not compatible with the program

Hi David,

Please adjust Trainer Difficulty on Zwift Settings. That is what is causing the different readings. If you set it to 100% then positive incline will have a 1-to-1 relation. Remember that regardless of this setting, negative incline will rarely match, as it is always broadcasted from origin as a fraction of the incline shown on the simulation screen.

Hope this helps,

Hi Dan,

I’ve been using mu Taxc Neo, currently away visiting parents ( another country ) and my father has a Proform Model number PFEVEX71316.0

It is actually very quite and would be great I could make this work, probably for about 6 months then change back to my NEO.

Thank you

Hi Stephen. Unfortunatelly that model is not compatible yet.



Is there any chance you are working on ERG support for the old 2012 Tour De France bikes? I love that the data bridge works and lets me ride in Zwift and controls incline. There are some training plans that would work best with ERG mode.


Dave Schulz Full Version owner

Good evening can I ask if the pro form TDF CBC bike is it compatible with the app
Model number PFEX39420-INT.0

The TDFDB software bridge is not compatible with the CBC TDF bike that I know of. You could use the bike on Zwift by attaching speed and cadence sensors but Shoft of adding a power meter I don’t know that there is an accurate resistance solution out there with Zwift.