Configuration course

(David Sack 50+) #1

  Setup a specific course for riders to setup their equipment where it does not affect leaderboards, sprints and KOM’s.  Could have an interactive help screen with configuration assistance with common problems.  Could also explain the different features of the application while they ride, i.e. levels, awards, sprints…




(Karissa Minn) #2

A tutorial mode would be GREAT for helping out newbies. :slight_smile: For example, during a test sprint, it could encourage you to ride as hard as you can, and then if you get the “cone of shame” it would give you troubleshooting tips.

I would have it automatically place you in the tutorial course when you first start Zwift, but make it skippable (and repeatable) so that it doesn’t interfere when someone is just trying to get going for an event.

(Garry Forwood YVR) #3

As a newbie to Zwift and someone who just got a smart trainer, a test/setup/tutorial/demo mode would be very helpful. I’d like something relatively short with flat sections and hills with a variety of grades. This would allow me to test the software control of my trainer, calibrate the trainer, familiarize myself with the various aspects of Zwift and then demo it to my friends so they can try it and hopefully join me on Zwift.

(Branden Meltingtallow [KRT] #W4R) #4

Include a calibrate (spin down) function for zpower users. 

(Shane Randolph) #5

This could be a nice way to re-use Jarvis island. No leader boards but just a quick lap to make sure you are set up properly.