Create a tutorial for new Zwifters

On firing up Zwift as a newbie I’d have liked to see an initial play/ride-through Tutorial explaining

  1. segments, & routes,
  2. sprints, KOMs, 
  3. Acheivements
  4. 30 day PRs
  5. the Level and XP system,
  6. Locked content and how to get it
  7. drafting
  8. using bonus items
  9. Races and Group rides
  10. Ride Ons and in-race communication

With perhaps and optional spur on

  1. Watts, speed and gradient simulation.



You are looking for something like this,

It is not 100% up to date.

Thanks. This looks like a great doc and something I would have found/will find useful, so thank you very much for sharing.

However, I was suggesting a learn-by-playing/riding tutorial. A route you had to ride when you started the game which shows the key features listed, live in “play”.

Zwift either is a videogame or borrows heavily from videogames - such initial player tutorials are commonplace in that medium - I think something similar would work well as an intro to Zwift, perhaps better than a written manual.

Though looking through these forum pages I find some heated debates on things like locked routes etc which seem to show that some Zwift users actually really dislike the more videogamey aspects of the platform.

I’m not sure I fully understand those objections, but I guess it is possible that some might not like this suggestion either!