How to get more Zwifters - Newbie Island Course

I am learning just how many new Zwifters are riding this winter. I hear a lot of praise for the format and style. Many are trying my workouts, which are suitable for beginners as well as low intensity weight loss and recovery rides. But, more is needed.

The downside is for them is finding group rides, group workouts, and other new riders like themselves. Just as there is the Jungle for levels 10 and up, I think a great idea would be…

Newbie Island Cours e - Give them something special. Perhaps levels one to five would have access to a course for themselves. Maybe have a chance for the Newbie KOM jersey would be fun for them. How about a group workout that lets you use the Concept bike for that ride?

I’m sure it would drive some level 25’ers crazy not to be able to ride that piece and set every Strava record. But, I would bet that new people will like a little safe haven all to themselves.

Are you saying that we are not friendly to newcomers? LOL

I dont think it need to be a new road it could be that they only see level 1 and 2 riders or those with w/kg below 1.2 w/kg that way they have a sporting change to get the jerseys. 

To build on your thought, how about having a training period for new users like we have in First person shooter (FPS) games. So you have to do certain things in Zwift first before you can start riding with little text popups giving guidance, maybe there is a new job for Scotty Squirel. 

Some instruction to get used to the HUD and keys. How to change bikes what does the TT bike do how to unlock kits, Then how to do a workout  how to change resistance.

This can all being done in Level 1 once you done all of those things you will go to level 2.




I don’t think they should have more limits; that limits the fun and won’t draw new riders. By giving them something extra, a private road/course, they are getting an idea of why one should level up. The Jungle course, the Zipp 808’s, the Tron bike; all are big draws but can seem a million miles away to someone new. Let them see what they are shooting for. 

I can’t afford a new Corvette, but I would love a test drive. Besides, a lot of new riders were distraught after finding out that the Jungle course was off limits (except for group workouts and races)