Confidentiality doesn't work

Hi, in Parameters, confidentiality, I chose “Private” so that neither the public nor my followers can see on Zwift. But it doesn’t work and people can still see me. Is that a known bug? Thank you.

Do you mean they can see your activities or they can see when you are riding?

Thank you very much for your message Stuart, they can still see me when I am riding on Zwift.

You need to remove all of your followers if you don’t want to be seen riding by them.

What you’re asking about is something that’s been requested for years but no action from Zwift.

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That’s really a pity because I consider this to be a breach of confidentiality. And it’s even more a pity that the feature exists in the Settings (I can select “Private”) but it doesn’t work…

The privacy setting does what its designed to, it stops your activities being shared. So i don’t rules are being broken or confidentially being breached.

What’s required is an additional setting to avoid the advertising of the commencing of an activity.