Hide all Zwift Activities/Workouts from Everyone

I wanted to find out if there is a way to hide all activity on zwift? I don’t want anyone able to see when I ride, how often I ride and any of my stats. I don’t want my rides showing up in any feeds and such.

Is there a privacy setting to hide all activities from all users, mostly within zwift?


On the Zwift Companion App go to More at the bottom right, click Settings, Privacy, turn on Approve Follow Requests. That is about all you can do.

Thanks for the response, was hoping for a way to hide everything.

can i hide all and everything on the desktop version? i dont use the app version.

The privacy settings are done from the Zwift Campainion App.

so how can i change my privacy settings if i have no app? sure i can’t but i’m paying them for months and no change till now … no desktop version update which allows me to change my privacy settings.

You can install Zwift Companion in an Android emulator such as Nox on your desktop computer if you don’t have a smartphone.

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Granted this is in the companion app, but looks like you can set ride visibility to “Only Me” in the Settings > Privacy section.

Totally agree. Didnt realise all my activities were by default public. WHat a stupid default that is! How do I now go retrospectively back without going through hundreds of rides and runs to change them to private or followers only!?