Computrainer, Macbook Air, Irregular Trainer Tension

(H P_Baxter) #1

I have seen a couple of upgrades since starting Zwift. The other day, the tension on the trainer kicked in on a downhill - it was the strangest thing. Did not think much of it until I tried to do a couple of FTP test. I could barely push the trainer at 265 watts for the 2 minute warm-up section. The setting for trainer difficulty is set to “off”. My other recent FTP tests were all over 200 watts for the 20 minute sustained effort. I doubt I could even hold 175 for 20 minutes today. I even uninstalled the software and re-installed. Same thing happened the 2nd time. . The tension on the trainer is consistent i.e. 2.2 to 2.6 as I always test it before plugging in and starting the trainer. I might be tired or over trained, but the whole thing just seems odd. Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated.

MAC Air - El Capitan 10.11.6

Zwift Version 1.0 (11)

(Ray Ruyack) #2

Issues like this many times are related to the DIN cable.  I’d do a visual check of it and power down the CT and unplug and re-plug the DIN cable in making sure it’s fully seated.