Completed Parlee Challenge but no bike unlock?

Hello , I’ve just completed the Parlee Challenge but the said bike (RZ7) is still locked and I don’t believe I recieved the drops but did get a Jersey …is that correct or have I misunderstood ? Great work by the way and really enjoying all the platform is doing in these difficult times .

You don’t get the Bike, you need to buy it using the dropz you got.



Yeah, and the bike is only available at a certain level.
So if you are below that level, you can’t buy the bike just yet no matter how many drops you have.

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Annoying that I’ve done the challenge but still can’t get the bike! There’s nothing in the challenge description to say that the bike will still be locked by level. Got an email from Zwift to confirm I’d done the challenge and even that doesn’t say that the level limit still applies.

Here is a list of all the level unlocks.

And here’s a Shopping Guide:

The Parlee RZ7 is at Level 28, it’s not yet on that list.

Same for me. I’m on 17th level and RZ7 is 10 levels ahead. So question is, why do they offer this challenge if it is not applicable for me? Hope Zwift clarifies this.

I seem to have been caught with the same caveat. I completed the challenge and don’t get the bike. I did the 250 km and have sufficient drops to purchase, but I am not at the correct level to get the bike. No indicator on the challenge description that a level threshold must be met. I have only been on Zwift a week and don’t know all the ‘rules’. Parlee might want to think harder on the message they are sending. This is my sole experience with the brand.

Zwift was pretty clear that you would get 100,000 drops, and that you could use those to buy the Rz7 in the drop shop (or, of you chose, something else).

The fact the bike is level locked is frankly irrelevant (you still require another 400,000ish drops to purchase, and faster frames exist at lower levels [zwift insider testing initially indicates its about par with a zwift aero]). If you really want a Parlee, the Exs? Is available at level 17 (or just work to get to level 28).

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