Compare Badge achievements (Trophy Case)

Is there a way to compare badges with your followers - Seems nuts that I cant compare badges with Followers / people that I follow.
Is there a way to compare ? I have a competition with a family member and it feels like this is an obvious thing?

Why do you think you should be able to see this? Shouldn’t this be private information? Can you see other players’ achievements in other games? (Maybe you can; I truly don’t know.)

Seems if you collect Badges you should be able to compare - an option to make them private seems fair. but part of the fun it the gamification of collection and comparing - “bragging rights” etc.

Makes sense. And, somewhat to your point, any badge earned is visible on the activity summary of whichever activity on which it was earned. No way to see it after that, though, without going back to the original activity. Maybe this should be available as part of each user’s profile.

You can start a ride, press menu and there is a badges icon on the right you can click which shows a board with all of your badges and ones you still have to collect (except for those few hidden badges which only show up once you get them).

I assume you are looking for something like the Strava Trophy case. You can see your friends Trophies on Strava.

That is a good idea.

Maybe there could be a trophy case on the Zwift web app and in the companion app.

That is correct. But the OP wants to see the badges of their followers and those they are following, not just theirs.


Confirmed, you can view your friends trophy case. However, I’ve never paid any attention to anyone’s achievements.

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Gerrie is referring to the Strava trophy case, which allows you to see Strava achievements. The OP is looking for something similar (as Gerrie mentioned) within Zwift to allow users to see the Zwift achievements that their followers, and those they follow, have earned.

There isn’t, and I also feel that it’s missing. While some people might like to keep their badges private, others like to display our achievements.

It’s pretty common in online games. e.g

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I was actually surprised they didn’t allow you to easily see and compare badges from people you follow, and your followers… Xbox makes easy to do with Achievements, Steam makes that easy as well, and shows your friends’ achievements in both the activity feed, as well as a summary per game, they even a “compare these with your own” view per game.

Zwift could do a lot more with achievements. There are some basics that would be nice such as - making them available to browse from the companion app/web client, gear unlocks for certain badges (maybe actual patches/badges you can place on your kit/bike for some of them), and prestiging certain badges - such as route badges, etc. (Maybe give people a reason to do the Uber Pretzel more than once ever :)).

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Agreed Glad I am not going nuts - Such a shame - badges seem to be very under utilised and exposed :(. fingers crossed it will come at some point

That and more levels above 50. At this point only the level act as a badge.

And even then it’s not that clear to see. If you just follow someone in the game itself (by which I mean click on their name in Riders Nearby), you can’t see level. The only obvious in-game way of seeing it (i.e. not using Companion) is if someone wears a level-specific jersey, and even that is only their minimum level.

Unless it’s the level 50 jersey, that is. :wink:

And I’m pretty sure many (if not most) people who haven’t hit L50 probably don’t know what the L50 Jersey looks like anyhow - such as myself :slight_smile:


Good point. The lower ones like 15 and 25 had a number on them, but IIRC the level 50 one doesn’t. It looks more like a Tour de Zwift type jersey.