Companion screen changes during workouts

I use Zwift on my ipad and Zwift Companion on my iphone 11. Both are up to date (1.23.2 and 3.33.0) I have a Saris M2 smart trainer.

Starting on Thursday 3/17/22 when I choose a workout my companion screen has changed. I don’t have a great description of what I used to have because I didn’t know it was going to go away so bear with me. I had a semi circle in the center, it had a section colored for whatever zone you are in showing you with a line exactly at your current wattage within the zone. It also had a MUCH larger countdown display showing how long you had left in each zone. (the one on my ipad screen is tiny)

Now all I have is a screen showing my level, my most recent activities and goals.

I’ve tried going through all the tabs thinking maybe I hit a tab my mistake, but none of them get me back to that screen that I really liked.

Is this a bug or did I do something to cause this? If the latter, how do I get that screen back?


Hi @AmyJ

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It’s hard to say exactly, but it almost sounds like the ZC app on your iPhone isn’t connecting to “GAME” mode during your Zwift sessions and if so that would mean you’re not getting real-time data during your workouts or access to the added in-game controls.

I surmise that’s the case based on my examination of your Zwift account, which doesn’t show an “in-game session” from your ZC app for your March 21st workout. Assuming that’s the case, there could be various reasons why the ZC app isn’t connecting, and we have a good troubleshooting guide in this article.

Sometimes simple things like putting your phone in airplane mode or restarting your WiFi router can go a long way towards resolving these connection issues, so please give this a try.

If I’m off the mark here or if that doesn’t help, please contact our tech support team and we’ll be happy to help. If you do choose to go the support route, I’d strongly recommend that you send any screenshots or preferably a short video (e.g. a screen recording of the ZC app from your iPhone) to accompany your detailed explanation of the issue. These visual aids go a long way in our understanding of the issue so we can best assist you.

You can reach us here.

Turn off Wifi Assist on your phone. That often causes problems like this.

If I turn off WiFi I won’t have a signal. I live in a deadzone.

I believe @Steve_Hammatt means WiFi Assist, which connects mobile data when losing WiFi signal? I have always my phone in flight mode, only WiFi on.