Companion app - change screen

Hello everyone,

I use the Companion app a lot.
I struggle with the screen automatically changing during workouts from the workout screen to the map screen to the main screen.
Please can anyone help?
-how do I bring up the workout screen?
-can I disable the automatic changing of the screen?

I have been sweating all over my phone prodding every button trying to find this with no luck!


The companion app doesn’t change screen on it’s own. I am a workout only user and I have never had that.

Only times it changed without me pressing was either my towel touching it, or my sweat somehow.

Thanks for the response Enzo.

I can confirm mine does, intermittently.

My phone is out of reach.

It will change from workout then a few mins later to map then it might go back to main screen and I can see my workout.
If I leave it alone it might come back after some minutes but if I use the phone or search for the button the delay seems to extend.
It’s very annoying.

Has your phone got screencracks or your screen protector quite in a bad state?
Does it happen on other apps?

Hi Enzo,

No, nothing like this. It’s an iPhone 8plus, no issues with anything anywhere else.
I admit it’s strange and doesn’t seem to be happening to anyone else!
My setup is to have the Zwift app on Macbook in the background with Netflix overlay then prop my phone next to MacBook to monitor the workout.
Since last week Zwift will not open on Macbook and a forbidden notice is received so I have to use the app on phon with the companion app.

You are running the main Zwift game app AND the companion app on the same device?

That’s right, since the Macbook issue, only two sessions,
to see if the issue persisted.
My problem posted here predates the Macbook issue. Its been present since I started Zwifting a year ago,
I’ve just had enough so I posted here for help.

(Ps. I can circumnavigate the Macbook issue by cutting WIFI during login, start Zwift without WIFI and login after)

Hi @Paul_Peracto

I assume your phone is bouncing between wifi and mobile connection. Every time it change network it will go to the main screen until it get proper Wifi. Try to turn cellular data off.

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Hi Gerrie,

That’s a good idea, I will try it.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

ps. Is there a way to change the screen manually?

Use the menu bar at the bottom in blue to change screens on an iphone

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Unfortunately, I cannot access this screen unless the Companion app aut loads it.
The screen I am stuck on is this one with no option to switch unless it autoloads to workout.

The workout screen is only available while you are riding during an individual workout. The fact that you are using the same device for both the game and companion app could also be the issue?

Hi Mike,

I would agree but, as I said, I have only used the same device twice. Normally, the app proper is on the Macbook and the companion on the phone.

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated. Ill just shelf the companion app as its not working as intended.

Its a first world problem anyway!