Companion not showing race

I raced 3R Innsbruckring Sprint this morning. My Companion activity shows I was riding in Innsbruck - but does not show the race. Zwift Power shows the results (including me) but for some reason it’s not showing on my companion.

Not quite the same but a little bit of a coincidence that @_GTR-Bill didnt get his results shown in Zwift or ZP but did in Strava … AND, it was Innsbruckring. I realise it was a different race but…???/

Missing from race result even though i finished today

Quite a coincidence that this has happened to someone else on innsbruck. Wonder what is causing it. Never had it happen before the most recent update.

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Same happened to me with “The HERD Sunday Endurance”. ZwiftPower shows it correctly, on Zwift Companion there’se just the date, distance, vertical meters and time. No map, stats etc.

Also the earned XP, vertical meters for Mt. Everest challenge, Drops haven’t been saved :frowning: