Companion App - Training Plan - View Future Workout Details

When viewing your current training plan in the companion app, when I click on a future workout (one that I have not completed yet), nothing happens. It would be great if when I click that future workout, it goes to a screen that shows the usual description, and power curve for the workout, so I know what I’m in for.

For example, in the screenshot below, if I want to know what Red Unicorn will entail, I have to go google “Zwift Red Unicorn”, which is easy enough, but it would just be easier if it were right there in the app.

PS, click the past workouts works great, it does show a nice summary and map of the workout I performed.

When I click on a workout in the companion app it does show the workout description and power curve. Does your app possibly need updating?

Hi Barb, when I click a workout from the ‘Events’ tab in the companion app, it does go go the description screen with the power curve. It’s specific to the Training Plan screen, where it doesn’t go anywhere. Are you seeing it in the Training Plan feature? I just checked my app version as you suggested to be sure, it doesn’t show any updates available, I’m showing v3.0.2. Let me know if you see the workout description from the Training Plan feature. Thanks!

Mine works from the Training Plan section of the Companion app (just like the image in your first post). I’m running the same version you are (IOS 3.0.2). I’m doing the Gravel Grinder, not Build Me Up, by that shouldn’t matter. Weird.

Maybe uninstall and reinstall it?

Ok good to know, it’s just me then : ) I though it seemed weird. I’ll do an uninstall re-install and see what happens. thanks-

Ok, did a un-install and re-install of companion, plus restarted the iphone. Still no go! But if it works for you Barb, I’m saying I can close this thread since the feature is in there, just doesn’t work for me that’s all. No biggie, I’m sure it will get addressed at some point. Thanks for the replies!

I’m wondering if the issue is specific to the “Build Me Up” training plan. I’m loving these plans, but they are full of bugs. If you start a new training plan at some point in the future give it another try. It’s definitely a handy feature.

I have the same issue with the Watopia half marathon training program. (Running)

If I click the future workouts nothing happens. In a perfect world, I’d like to see the details, so I know what the expect.

Did you find any solution?

Hi Steve, no, I just assumed it was either a bug in the particular training plan, or it was my phone(iPhone 6). I’m doing Build Me Up bike plan. Barb above has it working on her phone she is on a different plan. For now, I just go google the plan workout name if I want to see the proposed workout.

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Just to add to this thread, I am also experiencing the same issue where I can’t click into see the detail of the individual workouts of a training plan within the companion app.

I signed up to the Crit Crusher plan (and have previously done the Gran Fondo plan) via Apple TV 4K and I am using the companion app via iPhone (iOS). All the apps are current and up to date.

I have also tried unsubscribing from the workout and rejoining via iPad (to see if this is a glitch with Apple TV) but still does the same.

I know this functionality works as I have seen other iOS users click into the workout plans and be able to see the detail…

For process of elimination, I am going to try unsubscribing and rejoining in game via PC/Mac to see if this works…

… It’s a minor thing but would be good to know what is causing the glitch.

Since this has been an ongoing concern for some, I’d like to invite affected cyclists to submit a support ticket with us. If you run Zwift from any platform with the exception of Apple TV, we would like to collect logs to further investigate. You can also email us directly at if you’d prefer to attach your log files right away.

I have the same problem with the companion app and has only been like this since an IOS update to 12.1.4

Same problem here. It happen to work during the few weeks following this new feature and now I cannot get to the workout details view anymore. Nothing happens when I tap a workout planned for the future (not more power curve and interval info). I tried to reinstall ZC and resubscribe to the plan … no difference.
This might be related to an iOS update. I am using iOS 12.1.4 on an iPhone 6.

Mine doesn’t work anymore either - I can no longer see the details through the companion app. I just began a new training plan. Gravel Grinder worked for me. FTP Builder doesn’t.

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Not working for me on 6wk FTP Builder either.
As a side note, I don’t get a PERFECT after each section. Just a gold star
Using Companion App for Android…

I’m using the Gravel Grinder training plan, future workout details show up fine on my old iPhone 5S and iPhone SE.

I enrolled in the Build Me Up plan in Nov 2018 and I could see the future workout with details including interval breakout with my iOS Companion app. I completed the plan in Jan 2019. Recently re-enrolled in the plan for a 2nd go because it really made a difference for me the 1st time around and now I don’t see the future workout details. I think there is a little ‘buglet’ with the Companion iOS app and the Build Me Up Training Plan.

Just an update. Able to view upcoming workout details for FTP Builder now. Possible update…?
Still no PERFECT or FAIL for workout blocks, only Full star, half star or no star. :thinking:

Any news to this issue? Can’t see the TP details for future workouts in iOS Companion App 3.8.1 since January '19. It doesn’t matter the title of running workout TPs

I’ve always thought this feature would be great and wanted this feature but assumed it wasn’t built in. I’ve never been able to view the upcoming workout in detail using the companion app in the 2 years I’ve been using it on iOS.

As of this week too, my training plan isn’t even showing up in the companion app. I’m enrolled, it shows in Zwift main app but not the companion app…