Companion App Toggle for pairing not working on Windows 10

Trying to use companion app to pair devices. Since latest upgrade toggle is greyed out and not clickable. BT working for direct connection and checked Companion app on iPhone 12 latest iOS . Re-installed Swift on PC and Companion App on iPhone.

Hi @Ray_Brash

Welcome back to the forums, it’s been a while! I’m sorry that the option is greyed out. Try doing a fresh installing the app to see if that helps. If it’s still greyed out, make sure that your Companion app is open and on the same wifi network as the device running the Zwift game app. May have to turn off your mobile data so that it strictly runs off the wifi. If you have a dual band wifi router (i.e. 2.5 and 5GHz) make sure they are on the same band.

Give those things a try and if it’s still having an issue, reach out to us so we can troubleshoot this further.

@Ray_Brash there are known problems with Companion on iOS 16. Follow this thread:

There is nothing inherently wrong about mixing connection media (2.4GHz WiFi, 5GHz WiFi, Ethernet, etc) as long as the devices end up on the same IP network and nothing interferes with the traffic.