Companion App not syncing training plan properly

Hello all,
I can’t say for certain if this is a recent bug with this latest update or not as I’ve not signed up for a structured training plan in some time, but I am noticing that the training plans section of the companion app (I am running ZC on iOS) doesn’t seem to sync up to my completion of my current plan.

I signed up for the “build Me Up” plan yesterday (Sun 4/19) with intentions to start it Mon 4/20. When I logged into the companion app this morning, the training plan on the main screen still displayed the “prep” week plan (I would have expected it to show the Week 1 sessions). After completing Workout #1 the morning, it DOES update and show it completed on the screen where you can see the ENTIRE plan (after clicking on training plan from the main screen), but the main screen would still show the prep weeks stating they had expired.

As a test, I logged out of the companion app, uninstalled it and then re-installed it. After logging back in, I am now seeing a different result. Now I see the Week 1 sessions, BUT only workouts 3 & 4 are listed (Workout #2 doesn’t show up in the main screen, but does show up if I click into the plan from the main screen (and it’s NOT marked complete)).

Anyone have any thoughts or seeing like behavior? Hopefully without screen captures (I’ll try to get some added) I am explaining this well enough.

Before ZC logout/re-install

After Re-install

Full training plan