Companion app not connecting to iPhone

So, i have an Apple TV setup, with a Kickr… In Zwift on The Apple TV I’m able to pair with my iPad (…), everything works great. When connecting, my iPad shows a notification asking if my iPad(Bluetooth) should be connectable, so I go into The settings and allow new connections (ish) - it works great.

However, my Companion app on the iPhone wont pair with Zwift on Apple TV. Its on the same network, I have bluetooth enabled, i’ve allowed for «Device connection» in the Companion app, I’ve turned off my iPad to make sure its not interefering, I’ve reinstalled apps on AppleTv and iPhone. I’ve made sure the Companion app has access to bluetooth under the app setting.

The only notice difference I see is that on the iPhone (same ios version), it does not pop up wanting me to allow device connection. In the Zwift app when I try pairing with the iPhone, its a white/greyish phone icon, with a yellow hazard sign.

I’m totally lost as why it pairs with the iPad, but not my iPhone…

I’m totally lost.

IOS 16.x by chance?

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Thanks, yeah! Cant believe I missed that one… Good to know I’m not alone.

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