Companion app iOS lock a specific screen

Is there a possibility to lock a specific screen when using the Companion app?
A specific case is when you are performing a workout session you really want the Workout screen to be locked, because some workouts ask to switch between ERG mode on/off. Currently the Companion app switches screens randomly home - events - workout, … . Extremely annoying certainly when in workout mode.
Perhaps I’ve overseen something but I can’t find information about this.

Hi @Paul_Hermans

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That is a indication that your phone is loosing connection to zwift. My guess is it switch between WiFi and mobile data. Put your phone in airplane mode and turn WiFi on. You can also turn on Bluetooth if you connect your sensors thru Bluetooth.

Hi Gerry, thank you for your answer.
I don’t know if this has something to do with the Wifi connection since my Wifi router is in less then 1.5m away when Zwifting. I tested yesterday by switching off the Device connection in the Companion app but same result. Screens swap around. Nevertheless, as you stated, it could be that Wifi is ok but the connection with Zwift drops but then I would expect that others would have simular issues.

It can also be that your phone is jumping between different Wifi channels or 2.5ghz and 5ghz and that cause a drop.