Companion App Closes Dashboard

Hi All,

I use apple tv 4k and companion app to zwift. Recently companion app has started closing as soon as I try to start a zwift ride. I can continue to ride but the companion app flickes into into dashboard mode but then comes out of it which makes it a bit hard to run. Here is a short video of the issue for clarity.

I have a video of it on YT but can’t link here of course…

Things I have tried.

  • Updating Apple TV and Ipad to current versions of software.
  • Updating to current versions of Zwift on Apple TV and current version of Companion App on ipad.
  • Turning modem and router off and on.
  • Confirming the AppleTV and Ipad are on the same wifi network.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Whoops… the other thing I’ve tried is deleting the apple Tv Zwift app and the ZC App from the ipad and reinstalling