Companion App Android vs. iOS behave differently

There’s a functionality difference between iOS and Android in the Companion App.

Specifically, when on a list of followers, you click to view a specific follower, then attempt to go BACK to the list:

  • in the iOS/iPadOS Companion, you go back to the list
  • in the Android version, you end back on the home page

The latter makes managing followers beyond tedious on Android - you could spend an hour doing what should take 5 minutes in the iOS version.

I go back to the list (Android)

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Added datapoints: I’m using a Google Pixel 5 with stock Android. I’ve tried both gesture navigation and 3-button. Same effect - back to home screen. Odd.

Same result on a bunch of Galaxy Sn devices.

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Hi C @Otto_Destruct

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention!

Based on what you’ve described, it does seem to be a situation where Android ZC users would be at a disadvantage in terms of functionality compared to iOS ZC users, so I’ve flagged up the matter to a higher technical authority on the team. I’m waiting to hear back, but I’ll let you know once I have more info. Thanks!

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Claiming reward for Bug Bounty Hunt program. :laughing:

EDIT - more seriously, thanks for acknowledging and flagging this @Steven_D.

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Hi @Otto_Destruct

If and when Zwift does get a bug bounty program off the ground, I’m sure we’ll keep you in mind!

That being said, I again very much appreciate your efforts in reporting this issue. You may be happy to know that I heard back from the team and confirmed that we now have a bug report written up for this; it’s with Zwift’s developers now. Thanks again!