Combination of zwift with garmin FENIX5s

I have a question how to connect ZWIFTA with the Fenix ​​5S watch?

I also have the HRM-Tri wristband

Why do you want to connect Zwift to your Fenix?

Zwift has to be run on a PC, iPad (or similar) or Apple TV device. You trainer then connects to that device via ant+ or Bluetooth. I think you can broadcast your HR from your fenix to that device, but it wouldn’t be necessary if you’re using a dedicated HRM.


I would like to have a heart rate measurement in zwift. I only have a garmin and 5x phoenix armband and I don’t know how to fasten it. is it possible without the ant + transmitter?

What are you running Zwift on?

Looking on here, it only refers to broadcasting on ant+:

So if you are using bluetooth only devices for Zwift it might be a problem.

You can broadcast the HR, but wrist HR is considered less accurate/reliable than the chest strap.