Colours for heart rate zones

My Wahoo ELEMNT has a good feature where the LEDs on the left change colour from white, blue, green, orange to red depending on what heart rate zone you’re in, it’s fantastic for just an at a glance indication of how hard you’re working so you don’t even have to read & understand a number.

It would be great if the on screen display could be configured to change the background colour to our current zone (preferably with our own choice of colour coding)



You mean like the running version does? Or are you thinking something slightly different to that?

I’m not sure how the running version works as I’ve only seen those three pictures, but from the looks of it, yes. Having the background colour change according to what HR zone you’re in at the time. 

Although it would be useful to be able to customise what colours were used - even if it was just a prefs.xml thing!

Yes, I think this is a pretty good idea.

All that needs to change is the background colour of the information box with HR/Cad/Watts (currently blue) to change colour to the HR zone one is currently in.

Here comes my vote!

This sounds like a great idea, very simple visible feedback. If it’s going to be implemented please could you also look at the Android/iOS apps and make them match. If not everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps an option in the settings menu?

Definitely a vote from me.