Colombia Expansion

We already have Go Rigo Go rides and jerseys in the game might as well put the epicenter of Go Rigo Go into it as well! Here is my heat map from the 2 months that I got to spend down there a while back. I would gladly trade all the worlds and event only courses for a map like this!

Looks like fun!

It really was. I missed it so much that I’ve occasionally jumped on a competitor’s application and made some magic roads that reflect some of these routes.

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You’ve certainly been to some fun places, were there any climbs? :joy:

Just a couple! If you look some of my favorites on Strava they are:

China Breve: 9.4km @ 9.7%
San Rafael - Embalse: 19.56km @ 4.5%
Cascada-Alto Sta Elena: 8.55km @ 6%
La Union: 7.31km @ 5.1%
Caldera - Alto Bonito: 37.02km @ 4%

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Those look like fun!!