New Map Suggestion

Can we add new maps? I’d love to see Montréal added. As well as cities in Thailand, Japan, Africa and South America. There’s not only Europe and U.S.A to discover :wink:

I would love to see a few more maps. As a newer rider on the app I prefer the maps with less elevation and longer rides. It seems that there are less of those and more with steep elevations. While I understand that for building up endurance I’m not there yet. I am getting tired of the same scenery on repeat maps/routes. It’d like to see cities in Italy, Spain or more in the US like California/West Coast. Just my thoughts. Thanks.

Several threads answer this.
A Japan course should be available shortly before the Olympics.
Belgium to be released in September.
These events were pre-approved in conjunction with the UCI.
Mallorca would be a nice addition.