Coding/Programming a Custom Workout

Hi. I looked but did not find another thread that addressed this precisely. Please forgive me if I missed it.

I am an old time computer programmer and find it far more efficient to just write the necessary text (*.zwo) code to generate a custom workout.

By looking at the code generated by the Zwift Custom Workout Generator, I can surmise most of the statements and variables, but I see some I do not recognize.

In this bit of code, for example, I do not know what the “pace” or “OverUnder” variables mean.


Is anyone aware of a list/glossary of all possible variables and their meaning?


There’s at least this zwift-workout-file-reference/ at master · h4l/zwift-workout-file-reference · GitHub but it does not have any explanation for those two I’m afraid.


That is very helpful. Thank you.

I wonder if pace is for running workouts? Maybe have a look at a pre-built running workout and see if it’s used there.

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