Where do paces in workouts come from?

Where do paces in workouts come from? Do I have to manually increase them or will they increase If I increase my pace on a non-workout run? Or do they gradually increase as I complete workouts?

When you select a workout, there should be an orange menu item for “edit paces” There you enter your mile, 5K, 10K, 1/2 and full marathon times. Your workout paces are derived from the values you enter.

You can also start a ride/run, open the menu, click on the little edit pen near your name, and change the values there.

I LOVE most of my workouts on Zwift running or riding, but noticed having trouble with one particular program:

ZWIFT 201: Your First 5k

I’ve edited paces, but the target paces are not populated when in the workout…all I see is JOG, RUN, WALK, etc. Noted, I’m trying to use a begin to run workout as an interval one, but wondering if this is by design or a setting somewhere.