Clubs Rollout Strategy

Here is s a thought if you cant give us access.

Why not poll us with a survey questionnaire asking us what sort of feature set club owners are looking for.

That way ;

we can input at least if we cant access .

You will understand if you are getting appropriate feedback for what this club feature should look like from your current testers , as it sounds like from last feedback its concentrating or a specific feature of club organization not all clubs would necessarily be interested in (although my club certainly are ) .

It would also help you understand how many would want to use that feature you mentioned as causing a lot of concern ( event organizing ) and understand the impact.across the board.

For sure it will also make sure how you would need to message roll out if you were to present us with a feature set that is not aligned with what the majority of club owners might want or expect . Messaging of the roll out in some respects is even more important than the product itself. If you don’t do your market research here with target audience it might not go so well . So whilst I might be super happy my appreciation might be drowned out by all those who didn’t get there wish list .

Finally if you really really must roll up to only another select few you will at least know who the most appropriate clubs are … because they would have told you in the survey

They sort of did it with that spectacularly poorly-communicated survey that also asked about prices and Eric Min originally said wasn’t legit. :rofl:

That was not sent exclusively to club owners only so target audience was incorrect.

Sorry yeah, I didn’t read your post in that context. :+1:

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Currently Lee, there is not a formal process as our requests during covid outpaced the content discovery tools and reasonable slots on the calendar.

We are utilizing this summer to reassess all content types, slots on the calendar, and quality of the community content (consistency and persistence of ride, do ride leaders show up and host effective, well regarded events on a regular basis) to support holding a public slot on the calendar.

This private channel on the forums is where we’ll start once we have a plan in place. This is a 24/7 TV show in all countries, so there’s a lot of interest and it’s a challenge to curate.


This is the current toolkit’s use. There are a multitude of users of community tools and we’re working with findings from the past 2 years of beta, the super deep usage of meetups, and community preferences to experiencing content on Zwift to establish the series of tools that will support the requests and requirements of the community.

Feb 26


Well that seems like some decent progress in 6 weeks!

Oh, wait, it seems I misunderstood. You can only edit existing events that Zwift has created, right?

Correct, the current tool is most helpful (not the only capabilities, just the most relied upon) for editing recurring weekly events - changing courses, changing ride leaders/sweepers, etc.

@Mark_Cote what about just meet-ups with accurate results at the end? That as a tool would be much more widely used IMO as a tool if it was accurate?