Clubs live now?

Are clubs a live feature now?

This evening my companion app has developed a clubs tab at the bottom of the screen despite not doing an update, and I have an invitation to join a club.

How many clubs can you be in?

it’s not live. there are 2 version in beta testing.

The existing old beta that has been around 18 months and a newer version just recently released. about 10 days ago which I believe the intention is to have a full release early 2022 maybe.

How many clubs you can be in is a bit dependant if it’s the old or new beta version. New is 1 right now.

Check with your club if they invited you they should be able to give you some more details.

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Thanks for the info.
The invite has come from a group I did an event/group workout with earlier in the week.

I guess if I were to decline the invite the clubs tab would disappear?

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yes or accept then leave after if you don’t want it will go away.

The main use for clubs right now is for editing events but it also shows you upcoming events for a club which can be handy if you are regularly looking for your clubs next ride.


@Mantis_Toboggan may i ask which group?

The kind invitation came from Scannellatori Seriali
They put on a great group work out during the week.

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