Club contribution

I’m sure that previously, my contribution (in terms of distance etc.) to a club was visible on the club’s page. I used to see it when I was in the DIRT and Jarvis clubs.

As part of the wider beta, I left those clubs and joined a different one (due to the limitation of only being able to be in one at a time).

Is this something that’s different for the more recent wave of beta clubs, or has it been removed from all clubs?

Hi Daren, this has been removed for now while we evaluate how that will play into the larger ecosystem such as leaderboards, Club progression / leveling, etc.

Do you have any opinions about how it used to exist and what you would like or expect to see?

No big opinions, really, but it depends on the answer to your first sentence about leaderboards and club progression.

For example, if I am a member of several clubs as I was previously (three IIRC), then I might want to know that I’m contributing equally to each one. For that I’d need to be able to go into each club and see my contribution, whether that’s time/distance or “club XP”.

(Another option would be to have a checkbox that says “split this session equally between all my clubs”, rather than choosing a specific one.)

It was interesting to me though, which is why I’m missing it.