Club Stats

Club Stats is only showing the distance, elevation, time, and calories burned of my most recent activity. It’s not changing whether I look at different tabs (7 Days, 30 Days, All Time).

Can you post screenshots of what you’re seeing?

@Jet_Pacapac since you only joined the club in the last 7 days, your 7, 30 and all time stats are expected to be the same right now.

The stats section tracks how much you’ve contributed to the club since joining. Your activity stats only contribute to the club when you select that club as your Active Club when you start your ride. :ride_on:


I’ve noticed the 30 day and all time stats update after a ride but the stats in the 7 day don’t. It appears that it only gets updated when I swap to something else (like forums) and then switch back. Has anyone else reported this?

Thanks @Wes! That makes sense. I also only noticed now the menu before a ride to select “Active Club”. I guess this is part of what that’s for.