Club Leaderboards

It would nice to have a club leaderboard for periods (7 Days, 30 Days, All Time) that shows leaders for a specific metric (Distance, Elevation, Time, Calories).

In the existing app UI, perhaps there could be a button next to each metric in the “Club Stats” section that takes you to a leaderboard for the selected period / metric.

The entire reason I logged in to provide feedback was for this exact idea! I’m glad a few others had it as well. In fact, this one seems obvious to me. One of the most fun things about a club is some of the internal competition. There should absolutely be leaderboards! This will be especially fun when launched and no longer in beta and we can create one for our local group rides or bike shop! I’d love to see how I stack up against my friends!

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+1 from me!

Looking at 7 day, 30 day, all time would be excellent.