Club "carrots"?

What about a club being able to hit milestones together to gain “drops”, cool kit, etc?

I like that idea.

I would add to it that most of it would be active for a limited time, so that non-club people would not feel too left out.

For example:

During September, any club that rides XXXX km (or XXX km / member average) gets the limited time option for October to ride as the Skeleton Avatar.

The idea would be that some special rewards would be based on A) per user averages (to help out small clubs) and some based on B) aggregate (which rewards big clubs with more members.

Secondly, some rewards might be permanent, but many would be limited in time (like the example).

I would want clubs to have the incentive to get fun stuff to show off, but not rig it such that folks not in clubs or in small clubs feel sad and lonely because every all the time has things they will never attain in game.

Good idea!


I like that!