Club Owners Access

Ah I was wondereding how it was being rolled out, I was thinking alphabetically or by user ID. I like random, a bit like my race results😎


Nice one Andy :joy:

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Thanks for the update Eddy.

(I was secretly hoping there was a mechanism to activate users who had previously requested to beta test in the past)


Ha, I was hoping exactly this!

Any idea when the next batch of these activations will roll out?

Next batch went out yesterday Brad. Around 40% of users should have access. Please keep in mind this is by device so you might have access on one vs. another.

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Also check that you don’t have 3 clubs already. You will have to delete some clubs to make space for the new club.

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I waiting for my team club… Please :crossed_fingers:t2:

Does this work on Android devices?

I have the “Create Club” button on my Android phone. And although I haven’t created one, I do get the club creation screen so I’d assume it does.

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Yes this includes Android devices as well.

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after making a event on companion app Try to log into your account on go to events and manage my events for more options . I/E fence options , fine tune Wkg etc. Hope this helps

Unless something has changed, during the beta phase of this Clubs rollout we were told that some of these web options don’t play nicely with the new Clubs functionality and it’s best to avoid messing with them like that, for now at least.

Yes, I thought they removed that completely from the web interface?

thank! I’ll try this for our next club ride. I was also curious about how to enable club notifications on the app. Shouldn’t there be a way to get notified when a club member makes a post?

I recommend not trying it, for the reasons previously stated.


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great! Thanks!

believe it was only removed and advised not to use for public events , still available for club made events, maybe someone can clarify this?
regards dave

hi mike I made a event in clubs to check and the ability to change settings on is still enabled @Eddy_Lee is this ok to be used on club made events as there seems to be a difference of opinions on this. Attached event was made on clubs with multiple leads and sweeps . fence. steering and race results

regards dave