Close the Gap.. what gap?

Not sure a bug or just me, and/or is it because I have a steering device (Sterzo) amongst this example of a dozen other riders that didn’t? But, constantly would get this popup today and remain in tucked position, every couple seconds whilst riding in a pack situation that typically would mean I’m in the draft. I’d move a tiny bit left or right or somesuch and it would go away for about a second, and then popup again. Anyone else experiencing this recently?

Experience on a regular basis and is annoying. Someone started a topic a little bit ago about adding an option to turn it off.

Yeah, not sure my question is really whether we can turn it off, but rather in these situations am I really getting no draft? Did Zwift tighten up the draft cones recently to be a lot smaller?

From your original post you’re on a TRON, you won’t sit up. In this instance, if you moved left if would go away.

Good point. That didn’t even dawn on me – it looks like everyone in the Neokyo Nights racing series gets a Tron for the event.

I’m having the same issue - I keep getting the message to close the gap, ‘X seconds’ when I am in the middle of the bunch with no gap at all to the rider in front. It even claims the gap is 3 or 4 seconds, which is bogus.