Close the Gap

I know this has been asked for before, (Nov '17) but maybe, now, really is the time to get rid of the “Close the Gap” notification, or to have the ability to switch it off.

Today, during a group ride, the notice flashed on and off for no apparent reason for what seemed like ages, even though I was in the middle of a group of 20 other Zwifters. Total annoyance.

It really serves no purpose whatsoever.
So please, please, please Zwift, fix some of the requests we ask for. Perhaps starting with this nice easy one.

Totally agree. So many ways to handle this:

  • Option to hide it seems simple enough, or for heavens sake make it smaller
  • Show distance to next rider in the riders list (not the inaccurate time diff); possibly change name color or add symbol (like the bolt) in rider list if you are getting a draft from them or if others getting a draft from you.
  • Show a small meter (certainly no bigger than the power up icon, such as another ring around the power up, that illustrates the current draft benefit. I believe zwift treats draft as a binary condition? Hopefully wrong on that, but my point is, anyone who rides in RL knows knows drafting has a lot of factors, distance, size of group/rider, etc.

I’d love to see the dev team’s sprint backlog. Must be huge! :grinning: