Option To Switch Off "Close The Gap" Message

(Bruce Forman) #1

I would appreciate an option to switch off the “Close the Gap” message. I find it irritating on a ride or race for it to be constantly popping up as I know that I have to be close to riders in front to get the draft.

I don’t need to be constantly reminded to close the gap and with the time lag in the game you constantly end up yo-yoing with other riders in the group anyway. The message is pointless for experienced riders.

(John Arneson Team WBR) #2


(James Blake) #3

I know this comment is a little old, but I would love to switch off the “close the gap”.  It can be fairly distracting when there are lots of riders around.

(Paul Allen) #4


If you use the Zwift TT bike you will not see that message.

(Bruce Forman) #5

Yeah, but you can’t race with a TT bike (unless it’s a TT of course)

(Mike Reenock) #6

would love to just toggle off everything and be able to ride undisturbed

(Paul Allen) #7


Once you start a ride you can disconnect from the internet and ride alone on the course. Make sure you reconnect the internet before ending your ride so it will upload.

(Bruce Forman) #8

@Mike Reenock

I did see a hack for that somewhere in my travels on the web. It might have been in a Shane Miller YT video. If I come across it again I’ll post a link.

(Bruce Forman) #9

Something I realised today is that doing a workout you don’t get the “Close The Gap” message at any point. If you just want a peaceful ride then create a custom workout using just the Free Ride block set to whatever length of time you want to ride for.

(Mike Reenock) #10

Thanks for the ideas and hacks but screen customization and riding preferences should all be user options. Video games today have an almost infinite number of customizable options in them, zwift should as well, especially for a monthly subscription.

(hans babst) #11

Please give the option to disable the message

(Brad Finn/Cyclepaths) #12

Best request on the entire site! while your at it get ride of players names over their avatars

(James Caulfield) #13

Oh god- yes please. As crowded as zwift is becoming- the constant (constant… constant…) “close the gap!” accompanied by that Blomp! Noise is driving me to distraction. it went from useful at level 1, to insanity inducing at level 10, and now at level 16 I want to put tape over that part of my screen and turn off the sound. Pleeeeeeease give me the option to turn this off via a radio button in the settings menu.