Climbers Gambit route issues, second loop

Yesterday, I participated in a group ride (zid=2552263, activity) on Climber’s Gambit. The ride was set so that we could only see the 400 people in our group. All was well until we descended Epic KOM reverse. At that point, riders started to go all different directions.

The route did not seem to know what to do with us to get us onto a second lap. For example, it never routed us back through Titan’s Grove but instead I went up Zwift KOM twice even though that was not on the Climber’s Gambit route in the first place. Meanwhile, others went completely different directions.

Doesn’t that route end at the top of the Epic kom? It isn’t a loop, so when you finish the route Zwift just randomly directs you around (I think).


Yes, Mike’s right. Both of the ‘new’ routes that got badges this month (Climber’s Gambit, Legends and Lava’) were released earlier this year specifically for Zwift Academy rides. From my experience they cannot be looped and it seems they were only designed for single distance use.
Any group ride built on these routes but that is programmed to last longer than it takes to get to the end sees participants split off randomly at any junctions that they meet after the end of the route. I’ve been on such a ride and it was weird to still be receiving messages from the Yellow Beacon who had been directed way over to the other side of Watopia, while riding with fewer and fewer other participants.

It does end at the top of Epic KOM but you should be able to do laps or at the very least the entire group should have been kept on the same route rather than going this way and that. It’s not much of a group ride when people are randomly peeling off.

Group rides on non-lap routes like Climber’s Gambit should be setup by the organisers as distance-based, finishing at the end of the route, and not time-based.

This sounds like a mistake by the organiser.


I just finished legends and lava and it sent me around the volcano circuit ccw for endless loops after finishing the kom.

And of course, if you had been riding that route in a group, half of the people would have been sent left at that junction at the base of the Volcano KOM descent, while you were sent right on the Volcano Circuit CCW.

If this had been set up as a 40 mile ride, how would that have helped?

It would have been fine if the 40 miles ended at route end, as I said.

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As noted above, this isn’t a “lap” route. The “lap” ends at the Epic KOM banner. For routes like this that continue past this mark often result in different people going different directions because they are no longer on that route.

Can you fix it so it does work as a lap route? It’s a very good route for that. I rode the route back to the start and assumed it would do the second lap correctly, but didn’t do the second lap due lack of time.

The group I ride with could certainly use this as a proper lap route next year.

Why not use Muir And the Mountain it is very similar and it is a loop. The advantage of having These type of routes is that you can have mountain top finishes. I don’t think these should be used as multi lap rides. This should be only be available as a single “lap” ride or race.

Yes I rode them in Zwift Adademy and I haven’t been given the badges - NOT FAIR ZWIFT!!!

To be fair, none of us got the badge during the Academy. :grin:
If people are doing the Wahoo Climbing Mission, Climber’s Gambit is a pretty good route for knocking out some vertical gains quickly over a medium distance, and they can get the badge (and extra XP) if they haven’t done so before.

Hi @Jay_Newby

That route badge was not available during the academy. They only made it a badge later.